More Roots  ·  Better Results  ·  Better Nutrient Absorbtion  ·  Also ideal for cultivating with CO2




Pro Start (Root)

PRO START is an exceptional strong root stimulator. This highly concentrated product is necessary for strong and rapid root progression. It is essential for the initial start phase, as more roots translate in a better general plant development.

By using PRO START, the plant will show optimum root development, which in return benefits the growth and vitality of the plant. More Roots, more Shoots, more Fruits. Likewise, the plant will become better resistant to mold and other diseases. Also used in NFT/Hydro systems as a solution to root disease problems. Extremely concentrated at only 0.5mls per litre, will last up to 4-10 times longer than most other brands

Available in:

 010      025      050     1      5


Pro Start is ideal for the first stage. This product is ideally suitable for rapid and powerful root development.

With the use of PRO START the plant will archive optimal root development resulting in a good final result.
The plant will also be more resistant to moulds and disease.

Application: 0,5 ml per 1 liter. Add from the pre-growth phase through 1st week of flowering.


Store sealed in a dark, frost-free area. Shake before use.
Keep out reach of children.

  • Polyphosphate
  • Potassium
  • Nitric acid